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Modify your interior space based on your preference for an enchanting new beginning with LAVRENTI​


Living Room


Dining Room

Transform your bedroom into a Serenity Haven, where comfort meets style for the perfect escape after a long day.

Elevate your living space with our Contemporary Elegance collection, where style seamlessly merges with comfort for a sophisticated home experience.

Transform your cooking haven with our Sleek Culinary Designs, where modern functionality meets aesthetic appeal for an exquisite kitchen experience.

Dine in style with our Elegant Dining Room Collection, where sophistication and functionality seamlessly blend to create a memorable culinary experience.


  • Introduction

    Collect data, Educate client, Estimate Budgetting.

    Explain their needs, budget, location, and layout residence.

  • Visit

    Making a mood board and estimated price, Carry out primary measurement.

    Project confirmation, Booking fee payment.

  • Design

    Designing all necessary needs,Budget confirmation.

    Project confirmation, Down Payment (10%).

  • Production

    Giving out final design and working drawings, Counting final payment, Production starts.

    Design confirmation, 
    2nd payment term (50%).

  • Installation

    Delivery and installation.

    Location preparation,
    3rd payment term (35%).

  • Hand-over

    Quality control and cleaning, 
    Retention period (1 month).

    Signing hand-over letter,
    Final payment term (5%), minus booking fee.

About Us

Lavrenti Smart Interior started from September, 2007, using environment friendly and innovative materials. We raise the standard of interior to a smarter stage, so that we could contribute on both domestic and international. All of us believe that interior design should be accessible to everyone. That’s why our packages are designed to be affordable and our designers are trained to work within the budget.

On march 2017, our trademark has made its way to be registered and open to the market. We are certified as PT DIMENSI PRATAMA GLOBAL, which also being registered to Taxable Entrepreneur (PKP).


We provide professional consultation with the clients before, during, and after throughout the process.


Responsible for planning, leading, executing, supervising, and inspecting a building construction project.


Produces mood boards, design concepts, and 3D rendered models using their professional skills.

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